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  • Community Events

    18th International Conference of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California

    The Institute of Noetic Sciences - Ontario meetup group

    On July 20, 1969, we witnessed the first human walk on the surface of the moon. We didn’t expect that it would be the view from space back to the Earth that would trigger something even more profound in the human psyche. Earth floating freely...

    Cloud Native Meetup with Tigera, Citrix, and Nirmata!

    Cloud Native and Microservices - SF Bay Area

    Kubernetes and cloud native talks with Tigera, Citrix, and Nirmata! Join us Thursday, Jul 18, 2019 in the South Bay at Citrix's headquarters for a meetup focusing on managing Kubernetes clusters! Configuring and managing enterprise Kubernetes...

    🔴 [Webinar] Real Estate Asset Protection & Tax Strategies Clint Coons Esq.

    Virtual Investors Group (VIG) | SJ Real Estate Investors

    Register for the webinar: Structuring your real estate investing is more than just using LLCs for asset protection or planning for tax reduction - it also requires understanding...

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