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    Leaders Make the Future— What got us here is no longer enough

    Silicon Valley Leadership Forum

    Hello everyone, Over the years the books I've read have significantly impacted the way I look at life and business and as a leader, my philosophies have also been shaped by the knowledge of those far more intelligent than myself. Please join us...

    Webinar: 5 Product Improvement Tactics by TransferWise PM

    Product Management Silicon Valley

    ***RSVP on EventBrite: *** At TransferWise, we believe that we grow at the rate at which we solve problems for our customers. Each feature or product improvement is an experiment, based on our intuition and the data we have...

    Orchard Orators Toastmasters Meeting

    Orchard Orators Toastmasters Meetup

    Join us each week to practice your communication, public speaking and leadership skills in a positive and supportive environment. Please arrive promptly by 12pm as we start the meeting on time. We only check the front desk at 12pm, so if you...

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    Welcome to my new web site

    Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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